Every piece of Candifiend jewelry is handcrafted from fine metals and semi-precious or precious gemstones.
Some of Alice's favorite stones and their associated properties:
amazonite (light blue, opaque)- soothing
amethyst (light to royal purple, crystaline)- aids with creativity, intuition and courage
aquamarine (light blue, crystaline)- increases clarity, inspiration and calming
carnelian (vermillion to white, opaque)- strengthens creativity and prosperity
citrine (golden yellow, crystaline)- strengthens will, vision, balance and self-confidence
flourite (banded purple, clear, green, crystaline)- aids inner mental balance
garnet (deep red, crystaline)- inspires love and passion
iolite (deep violet, crystaline)- aids clarity on matters of the heart
jade (varies green, red, yellow, white, opaque)- cleansing and protective, encourages altruism
kynite (dark blue, crystaline)- elevates awareness, encourages a positive attitude
labradorite (grey opalescent, crystaline)- aids clarity and change
moonstone (opalescent grey, peach, white, crystaline)-aids emotional balance
pearl (varies white, grey, black)- calming, aids emotional balance
peridot (light green, crystaline)- enhances clarity, patience, calms and balances, encourages positive outlook
rhodocrosite (dark pink, crystaline)- cleanses subconscious, strengthens self-identity
rose quartz (light pink, crystaline)- increases confidence, expression and creativity
ruby (red, crystaline)- connected to the heart, spiritual balance, confidence, flexibility, energy, vitality, devotion